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Welcome to my Website


     My Book is out!        it is called:


     REJECTION -                     OVERRULED



Our lives are precious - whether it has affected us as children or adults, let's put an end to the power of rejection.

There is indeed a way to overcome it and become the person we are meant to be. 

It is never too late to become free and begin a new and exciting life;

     THE ONE life we all deserve to exist within. 



Rejection overrruled - 

        no more objections

           say to yourself "I object" 



   You can order it: 




This is my boy Kaylian Nelson. 


I am so very proud of him. He's my life, he's bright, happy, funny. loving and very talented in so many different ways.

My life couldn't be better ... I think,

Dear Friends and Visitors,
Whether you found my site on
purpose or by accident, I welcome you
and invite you to look around. 
Since (and because of) launching this new web page, I have been taken back thru the  years. For me it is almost an old scrap book, reminding me of all the extraordinary experiences I have had and all the most wonderful people I've met, people I've worked with, people who became life long friends. It is just reminding me to be grateful for this wonderful and sometimes even crazy ride.
To God, my Child, my Friends and Family I'd like to say thank you for blessing my life. To my colleagues, thanks for raising my game. To my cats, thanks for always being in a snuggly mood.


ANiFiT  Distribution  for Switzerland

   Quality brand Pet food


Pet Nutrition Diploma

Vet Assistant Support Diploma

Animal Psychology Diploma

Pet First Aid and CPR  Diploma

Animal Communication Seminars

My new Website is online!  For Animal Lovers, -helpers

        and caretakers.

                    Blog,  Infos, Seminars, Charity and more.  

Check it out!

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